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October 13, 2004


Bill Stanfield

I certainly agree with your assessment of Needful Things in our culture. Down deep, we all know that it isn't really about needs ... it's about "stuff". The value of "stuff" far exceeds needs you know. Needs may inspire the creation of an occasional marketing or sales department but "stuff" has fueled entire disciplines of study. Archaeologists dig it up, anthropologists study its relevance to culture, and whomever accumulates the most of it before they die wins! You'd think with all the pomp and circumstance surrounding "stuff", it would sure be a darn sight easier to find friends on moving day! Perhaps what we "need" are more friends:).

Stephen Giebler

Very well written..


Michael Eaton

Most have no idea what they need, they always know, however, what they want..

It is best to alert people to what they want, and they in turn will convince themselves that this is what they need.

Jonathan Quince

The famous flag raising on Iwo Jima was actually the first photo taken, not the second.

I once saw an interview with the photographer who took the shot. He explained that he took the second (posed) shot because he thought he'd missed the first (candid) one. Of course, he didn't see either shot developed until significantly after they were taken (no digital photography at that time!).

When his editor congratulated him on the brilliant photo and asked him whether it was posed, the photographer still hadn't seen either photo developed -- so naturally, he assumed his editor was referring to the second shot and told him that the shot was posed as a second try. Only later -- when everybody had heard that the photo was a posed second try -- did he realize this mistake. This is where the historical confusion arises.

I've seen the second shot. It has all six men standing neatly with the flag -- very obviously posed. It's nothing like the brilliant (and entirely candid) one that everybody knows.

(End of semi-OT nitpick.)


For all the businesses who boast "friendly, knowledgeable staff" to service your every "need" ... I want to say, "Move your advertising out of the 1970's, man!" Just because it's been done that way for a very long time doesn't mean it's the best way to advertise!

I hear those "for all your ____ needs" ads often, and make a mental note each and every time NEVER to shop at that establishment. But one of the funniest ones I ever heard was for a pet store who had everything for "all your reptile needs".

NEED I say more?

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