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November 04, 2004


Phil Callighan

It seems especially at this time of year, people ignore not only the importance of their branding message, but how certain media work.

Radio & TV are emotionally persuasive mediums, NOT product & price-point listing mediums.

For retailers wanting a quick review of how branding should be incorporated into their advertising, I suggest they read a 2-part magazine article in NHFA Retailer Magazine titled "Branding & Traffic Building -- Are They Really At Odds?" It appeared in the Sept. and Oct. issues this year.

Michael Eaton

Right again o wise one.

I want to work for or with your company.

You see, I too am tizzied by tiresome ads, and would like to rid the world of such.

Dan Lindquist

Dick Orkin says radio stations are shooting themselves in the foot by allowing crap on the air. Chris Lytle wants to know why everyone wants their ads to sound like ads. For most of my 22 years in radio advertising I've tried to make my clients stand out and stick in the minds of consumers by going against the grain and being different. Whisper when you think you ought to be shouting. Have the guts to surprise the audience and your competitors. My seminars, workshops and speeches on the subject can only put a small ding in the oversized problem. We need to all work together to make the smallest advertisers and the biggest agencies understand that the right way works if they'll let it happen... and the wrong way forces them to look for blame and excuses for failure while they drown in the sound of their own mediocrity.


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