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March 06, 2006



Met the Eisenbergs at a conference where they presented. They seemed to know what they were talking about, but were very unapproachable after the talk. Saw them "networking" at the reception later that evening, and they did their best to avoid the insignificant people in the group and gravitated toward the more notables present. They may know their stuff but will they be able to "listen" and understand what you need?

Walter K

I can’t speak for Jeff and Bryan – but I know they’ve been working with other Wizard Partners to get them up to speed on Persuasion Architecture because they have been increasingly called on by Fortune 500 companies. However since the Eisenbergs are from New York City, perhaps there was more socializing going on than networking. Dave Young is very good at Persuasion Architecture and probably a bit more accessible.

Good Luck and thanks for your comment!

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