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May 30, 2006


R. Arthur Kay

As a consumer, I agree with your comments.

Ironically I also find myself going to ACE, perhaps its something deep inside when I was young and going to the "Hardware Store" with my Dad -- ACE

Why this store? ACE seems to be conveniently located, and also another ACE store is directly on the way to and from work.

Need a new door lock, plumbing parts, paint, and weed killer? Where am I going to stop -- ACE -- "Hi Can I help you find something?"

Do I drive down to the "Town Square" located down the expressway for this? Heck No. Do I get asked may I help you find something at the "Block" stores? NO!

So what I have is some history, seems ACE is the place and has been for quite awhile.

I have convenience in location (I honestly don’t care about the parking lot, I only want to get my stuff and get out of there).

I have customer service (exceptional, I can honestly say I have never once been ignored at this store), which equates to satisfaction.

Price? Maybe a few cents more, maybe not, but with the three above points, price does not matter.

The experience does matter.

It’s about a relationship with the customer, and the ability to implement, communicate your business and who/what you are - and what you can do for me, while maintaining (consistently) the relationship.

Makes for a great ad.

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