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July 17, 2006


Daniel E. King

“I am sorry. Your food will not be ready for about thirty more minutes. I have taken more tables than I can handle and completely neglected to put your order in. In fact, once I served all my other tables, I stepped outside for a break. I can’t believe I did this and I am truly sorry.”

I had been taught how to deal with situations like this, i.e. “Blame it on the kitchen… jus’ tell ‘em their backed up.” I didn’t feel comfortable saying that because, well, it wasn’t the truth and I was feeling especially ethical that night. Instead, I looked the foursome in the face and put myself on the whipping block. The gentleman’s reaction has stuck with me…

“Well thank God the Kitchens not on fire.”

Amazingly, they just laughed.

Blatantly, Openly, Honorably – The Truth (it still works).

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