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September 27, 2006


Richard Carenton

Well, advertising is everything. even if it's just a publicity stunt, I find that a good ad does more for a business than anything else. I have this software called Glyphius that actually tells me how similar my ads are to ads that are successful, and how much different they are from ads that aren't. Just getting a few good ads makes all the difference in a small business. Even if the ad isn't technically PC, just one good ad is worth millions of bad ones. And look- you're talking about their advertising right now.

Car Dealer Finder

Well, car companies are coming up with new innovative ideas to market their cars and these tactics sometime can hurt their market value too

Craigslist Dealerships

Brilliant, versatile and original ideas just pop out sometimes. Ideas can also sometimes be seen in dreams, maybe they're just pursuing this.

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